Agility. Flexibility. Responsiveness. Not exactly terms associated with traditional IT solutions and networking infrastructures. Yet these attributes should be as flexible and critical as reliability when it comes to exploiting trends such as enterprise mobility and cloud-based application delivery to help you compete and thrive. 

UltraVista answers the challenge, bringing a new level of intelligence to IT, with solutions that include wired and wireless network infrastructure, advanced security, and network management. The following examples show the highlights of the flexibility that UltraVista can bring into an organization.

Enterprise Wireless Solution

When our large corporate client tried to deploy wireless connectivity throughout the Enterprise using traditional port-based network deployments, initially they essentially ended up with “one AP per a room” strategy. This strategy transformed into a huge procurement budget, not acceptable for management. So when UltraVista was engaged, we brought in years of experience in building mobile, scalable, manageable and flexible wireless networks solutions. We brought the visibility and context needed to effectively manage distributed network and provide an accurate view of the entire network. Our network design starts with engaging visualization of floor layout, entire building and campus, that automatically generates “heat” maps of the RF environment coverage and underlying topology.

Heat Map

By carefully tailoring the solution by implementing Wireless Access Points with "quick-connect" type of mounting, UltraVista delivered unparalleled flexible solution that could be re-deployed wherever and whenever the needs of needs of departments change. UltraVista network management software calculates signal coverage and the location of wireless clients, RFID tags, and rogue devices identified on the WLAN as well as interferers detected through spectrum analysis. It uses a combination of dynamic RF sampling and a predictive model based on site, infrastructure and client characteristics for areas where RF sampling isn’t available to calculate coverage, location and health.

Network Management System Solution

UltraVista's major enterprise client efforts to implement a Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network management system (NMS) ended in miss-management of number of customized built devices which MIBs simply could not be plugged in. Facing potential project failure, UltraVista was brought in to deliver the main Network Management System Framework that integrated the COTS system via "northbound interface" while providing wide support for hundred of customized network nodes and appliances. UltraVista's networking solution could extend visibility and control of your entire network – from virtual servers, fibre optic nodes, wireless point-to-point back-haul, radio stations to portable and mobile devices,  to cloud computing to data centre environments – from a single pane of glass. With unmatched operational efficiency, insight, and control, an exceptional and refined user experience supported by though training of network operations, the Network Management System Framework overpowers flexibility of similar "carrier-grade" NMS systems.

NOC Map 

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