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The complexity of modern software is not that much in the size of systems as it is in the “wires” — in the linkages and communication paths between system components. The inter-component linkages create dependencies between distributed components that are difficult to understand and manage. The difficulty is inflated by the fact that components are frequently developed and managed by separate teams and by various component providers. The best solution for the efficient management of the Enterprise business components is the Network Management System (NMS).

UltraVista delivers carrier-grade (99.999% availability) enterprise NMS solutions based on:

  • webnms
  • hp-openview
  • ca-unicenter
  • ibm-tivoli


 The complex Enterprise software and hardware infrastructure requires a commercial-of-the-shelf Network Management System (NMS) providing out-of-the-box NMS functionality, and also supporting a framework for building customized Element Management System (EMS) and NMS applications.

 The CIS NMS should be a scalable, application-centric platform that makes extensive use of state-of-the-art graphical displays to provide intuitive and powerful network management dashboards for network operations staff. By automating a number of complex and error-prone tasks, the management application raises productivity, improves accuracy, simplifies training, and reduces costs for operation centres.

nms-architecture 430x152

Larger Viewfullscreen 16x16

The CIS NMS should support ready-made, comprehensive set of fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) functions, inventory, provisioning, along with bundled customizable interfaces to most popular network elements, OSS systems and other management applications. The NMS business process model has been depicted on the picture below. Since CIS has legacy equipment that may not have EMS support, the NMS must support an advanced customization of management services through discovery filters, alarm and event filters, rules, and correlation logic with minimal coding.

Business Life Cycle Event Flow Diagrams (BLCEF)

The NMS concept encompasses nearly all the issues related to systems management of radio, communications and information systems. This means support for planning, provisioning, installing, maintaining, operating and administering these systems. The NMS concept is designed upon the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) architectural model as defined by ITU-T recommendations M.3010, X.700 and X.701, depicted on picture below.


 fullscreen 16x16

The NMS incorporates a wide range of standards that covers system management issues like (often called the FCAPS model)

  • Fault Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Accounting
  • Performance Management
  • Security Management

These standards include advanced information models and protocols to mediate information between system components.


Network Discovery and Auto Discovery

Upon years of experience with the complex structure of the NMS, UltraVista employs well-defined and accurate parameters for the powerful discovery engine to discover hundreds of switches, routers, ports, along with the logical elements such as Application Services and Profiles. We support discovery of leading vendor equipment and provide easy customization for multi-vendor elements discovery. Our discovery configurations offer point-and-click expandable views to explore complete device details including alarms and performance graphs.


Topology Maps

Our solutions provide sophisticated customer drill-down based map views with discovered complex, site, equipment rack, chassis views. For the geographically scattered enterprises with distributed networks, region-wise maps can be created to group the network devices. Smart Views with hierarchical sub-components map views provide exceptional and comprehensive visibility of the network.


Service Provisioning

Utilizing in-house built powerful provisioning templates framework with interactive service provisioning wizard, we are able to define and create services and workflows in a very short time. The enhanced provisioning GUI enables system integrators to rapidly customize provisioning capabilities and add new support for multi-vendor network devices. This extendable framework enables rapid development and evolution of provisioning applications.

Performance Monitoring

We carefully define simple steps for the fine tuning of the polling process to fetch real-time date from the highest to the lowest hierarchical level of components in the enterprise networks. The graphical and tabular views, along with trending reporting continuously provide updated performance metrics of the network elements.

nms-performance-collected 430x220

If the instance of immediate troubleshooting, the "current" statistics views can be provided with the polling rate down to 1 second.

nms-performance-current 430x259

Fault Management and Alarm Escalation

Our NMS solutions provide the most effective Fault Management system with instant esclalation mechanism utilizing mobile-ready email, SMS and pager notification mechanism on fault identification. In addition to reach features with alarm propagation to the top level hierarchy, more sophisticated alarm thresholds can be set to trigger violation of the service rules.


KPIs and Business Intelligence Reporting

We utilize the NMS reporting subsystem to provide a comprehensive set of reports. Among other business views, we prefer dashboards as an attractive view of the fault and performance statistics in graphical GUI format. Business Intelligence drag-and-drop UI customization facilitates easy re-arrangement of widgets on the dashboards or reports.

nms-kpi-1   nms-kpi-2

Network Tools

We have build best-in-class network tools for the network administrators. Starting with a remote Client-Server views of telnet/CLI and Web interface, ping and trace the route, through very detailed digging into MIBs with fast and responsive MIB Brower, advancing to scheduled software updates over TFTP and FTP protocols.

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