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In any managed services relationship, seamless service, proactive and responsive interaction, and quality delivery should be table-stakes. But sadly many providers fall short – even on these fundamental requirements. At UltraVista, we take the business of service management completely devoted to the highest industry standards and offer a "best-fit" approach through our Enterprise Service Management solution. We are not a "one size fits all" provider; instead, we provide clients with tailored, end-to-end services that deliver top service to users, monitor all aspects of your infrastructure within one system and proactively identify areas for enhanced efficiency.


Improving Service Delivery using an Integrated approach to Network, Server and Application Performance Management

As IT continues to expand its influence on businesses, many IT organizations are focusing on providing solutions which help businesses to align IT along with business goals. These solutions must offer ways to manage business services with greater flexibility, help execute business decisions much faster and help them grow substantially. Business Service Management (BSM) tools provide the right framework for enterprises to gain visibility into their IT infrastructure and improve its performance.

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BSM should help enterprises answer some of the critical questions, such as:

  • How does an IT service affect the enterprise business goals
  • Is the IT Team well equipped with the tools to reduce Mean Time to Repair
  • How to ensure their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met

And that is the we have decided to excel by introducing the best-in-class enterprise integration solution - UltraView.

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UltraVista UltraView is an Integrated IT management solution designed to Monitor and Manage IT Infrastructure for Medium and Large Enterprise. The solutions adds a business context to monitoring IT Resources, there by helping the various stakeholders understand the impact of downtimes on the business.

An easy to use Web Console guides the user to monitor the availability and performance of the network, servers and applications. The inbuilt ITIL-ready Service Desk helps reduce the complexity of workflows in production and makes it easy for the IT administrator to run IT operations effectively.

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As an integrated business service management solution UltraView offers enterprises the ways and means to monitor their IT infrastructure, manage critical business services, and help them understand the impact of these resources on business goals. UltraView allows you to align IT with business objectives by providing a monitoring solution which helps you monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metrics while deriving higher return on investment (ROI) without disrupting existent workflows and processes.

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UltraView's business views, customizable operational dashboards provide a real-time insight into health and availability of mission-critical business applications, its dependent services and other critical performance metrics. This solution monitors your business application performance, overall network performance, provides real-time monitoring information of network and derives relationship of its impact on your business services.

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Its in-built IT Service Desk helps reduce the complexity of workflows in production and makes it easy for the IT Administrator to run effective IT operations. It also offers best practices to make sure that your business services are available 24x7x365. This in turn offers decision makers (such as CIOs, IT Manager, and Service Manager) formulate the right strategies for his/her business to ensure high productivity and better success.

Real-time Visibility into Network Infrastructure

UltraView offers comprehensive performance and fault management across your WAN infrastructure and helps you ensure proper connectivity across branch offices. UltraView provides complete network performance management that includes monitoring network uptime, network visualization, capacity planning, network security, with proactive monitoring and automated alert escalation. The flexible reporting allows network administrators ensure that their network runs with minimal downtime. Network Maps help the Network Administrators know real time status of their WAN infrastructure.

Integrated with traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring, UltraView allows IT and network administrators' greater visibility into their network availability and performance vis-à-vis business applications performance. Traffic management module allows them to observe traffic patterns, understand real-time network behavior and help business managers understand how bandwidth utilization impacts their business objectives.
UltraView's traffic management module also helps administrators identify which application(s) have been using bandwidth during peak hours, and let them drill down to see the top hosts using those applications. This helps in controlling bandwidth usage and enforcing better policies across the enterprise. UltraView also helps in identifying vulnerable ports which could be utilized by malware programs to cause extensive damage to critical applications/services.
Additionally the Class Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) reports on bandwidth provisioning helps identify how bandwidth is utilized. It can give visibility on how much bandwidth is used for video, voice, data etc. This helps ensure that the business-critical applications receive the highest priority on your network.

Systems and Application Performance Management

Most of enterprises that use traditional systems and application management tools use a silo based approach for monitoring. This makes it difficult for the IT team to troubleshoot any performance issue quickly while making workflow more complex.

UltraView proactively monitors the health, availability and performance of various servers, application servers, ERP systems, Databases, Mail servers, Java transactions and other web-based services. By providing better visibility into each component in the business service, IT Managers can ensure adequate resources are provisioned for IT Services that impact the business objectives and ensure IT meets the goals of the business. Today's web applications are N-tiered and have become more dependent on file servers, databases, web servers, middleware components legacy web services linked using SOA etc.

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Many of these may be clustered for scalability and high availability. This kind of a setup needs tools that help define proper correlation between resources. UltraView helps monitoring these complex infrastructure and makes performance and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring meaningful for all stakeholders.

Understanding the Impact of Infrastructure on End User Experience

As enterprises push their business online, the need for ensuring smooth transactions with minimal downtimes becomes critical. Powerful solutions are required to monitor these web transactions, identify bottleneck issues and apply remedial action quickly. UltraView can go deep in to these applications and check for performance and availability.
In any business where online transaction plays a critical role, even a fraction of downtime will result in lower customer satisfaction which translates to business lost. UltraView provides you with the ability to monitor critical web application (URL/SQL) and other end user transactions like LDAP lookup, mail server round trip times etc. This helps you understand the end user experience of your customers. By setting thresholds for these critical web applications, enterprises can now monitor the end-to-end user experience of any application, monitor its execution time, and quickly troubleshoot the problem.
UltraView also provides user with in-depth details of execution time of a J2EE transaction including the time taken for each individual components to load. This gives a better picture of all the moving parts in the technology stack for such transactions. Armed with such in-depth details, enterprises can now monitor these transactions without having to fear losing a customer or loss of data.

Managing Business Performance

Companies monitor the performance of their business services through various key business metrics. These metrics allow them to understand the impact of demand versus supply and hence plan their business strategy accordingly. For example, a global investment bank may track their business performance by monitoring the number of transactions that occur on a given day. Any delay or reduction in these numbers indicates that they are facing some kind of performance issue that needs to be sorted out.

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When there is delay in the number of transactions, both the IT staff and the business managers are needed to be informed quickly. A solution which provides clear definite information on where the problem occurred, what is causing the problem and which services are being affected should be provided so that the IT staff can take appropriate action. In addition, this should also be shared with the business managers so that they can relate to the business service which is being affected and help them strategize on how to minimize the impact.
UltraView proactively monitors the health and availability of these transactions and provides up-to-date information on the same. UltraView constantly monitors these transactions through various technologies such as in-house script, database queries, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), or through Java Management Extensions (JMX). This flexibility acts as added value to existing infrastructure and workflows and enables the bank to ensure high better business performance.
Simplify Workflow Through in-built ITIL-based ServiceDesk Solution
In-built ITIL based ServiceDesk helps reduce the complexity of workflows during production by automating critical processes which allows support team to focus on real business needs. This helps improve the efficiency of your support team and makes it easy for them to run effective IT operations. UltraView supports ITIL Processes such as incident management, problem management, and change management and configuration management database.

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UltraView also allows you to control and manage approved changes with accepted risk through Change Management service module. UltraView IT Asset Management capability automatically discovers all assets, generates detailed asset inventory which includes model number, asset state etc, discovers all software which is installed in the asset and finally generates relationship between assets. This allows the user to quickly streamline software license management through quick reports on purchased versus installed software and rarely used paid software.

  • Incident Management
  • Helps categorize source of incident, assign it to the correct support staff and provide workarounds or solution that is already present in Knowledgebase.
  • Problem Management
  • Enable the businesses reduce negative impact of incidents occurring within the infrastructure.
  • Change and Configuration Management Database
  • Create centralized repository which holds all the information related to your business infrastructure.

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Application Manager is an enterprise-ready, easy-to-use, and affordable application management solution that helps enterprises monitor their mission-critical applications and data centers effectively. I t enables you to monitor web applications, web servers, application servers, databases, services, and systems which are the lifeline of businesses.

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Applications Manager enables IT administrators and Operators to have a holistic view of their heterogeneous business environment and help them detect problems before they affect end users. It also helps reduce the time to repair with an integrated management solution. With UltraVista Applications Manager, Enterprise IT and data center groups can monitor the performance of their heterogeneous applications from a single web console, receive alerts when issues arise, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, track trends, and plan capacities using integrated reports.

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